How to Achieve 10 to 1 ROI on Local Direct Mail Marketing.

"For every $1 we spend in advertising with Valpak, we get $10 back in sales... Coupons account for a third of our customers, and Valpak account for 50% of those coupons"
~Valencia Car Wash

"We've advertised with a few different companies... Valpak, by far, had more customers walking through our door than anyone else."
~All American BBQ; Mike Owner & Gerald, Owners

LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS REVEAL ... how easy it is to increase sales through Valpak direct mailer.

  • 82% of households that receive the Valpak mailer open and look through our coupon offers.
  • Laser focus around your business, choose from 29 zones in Salt Lake County alone.
  • 80% of consumers prefer Valpak's coupon size to competitors.
  • Choose from a number of tested and proven solutions: Eye-catching coupons; Loyalty cards; Flyers and other memorable pieces.
  • Target as little as 10,000 homes surrounding your business. With an 82% open rate, that means 8,200 households will see your ad or coupon. 

What could that do for your business?

Valpak Direct Mail Solutions

We only put one business on each coupon inside the envelope, you get both front and back of the coupon. We could put another advertiser on the backside, but it would drop the return on investment that you would get, and wouldn't be as effective for your business. We are not about cutting corners, we are about return on investment for our clients.

Each business in the envelope gets 100% of the consumers attention on their offer, one at a time, as they flip through the offers to see which are relevant to them. Consumers keep the ones they are interested in. They don't have to cut them, they don't have to tear them. The coupons have a long shelf life, because consumers save them on the fridge, put them in their purse, and they use those offers, turning into new customers for you.

Choose from a number of tested and proven solutions:

Eye-catching Coupons;
On Envelope
Solo Direct Mail


Print Coupons are the foundation of your Valpak program, featuring optimal design and messaging to quickly grow your customer base.

​What’s Included

  • Your very own mini billboard delivered directly to consumers inside the Blue Envelope
  • Custom ad layout and design by our in-house design team
  • Tools that target the best prospects for your business


Be the first to be seen with the kind of exposure only available from occupying the prime position on the outside of our signature Blue Envelope.

​What’s Included

  • Premium exposure on the outside of the
  • Blue Envelope
  • Call to action driving customers to your inner envelope offer

In the month that we are advertising with Valpak we are seeing at least a 60%-70% increase in business... When they say they are going to make your phones ring, they actually mean they are going to make your phones ring! Valpak produces results. I would recommend Valpak to any company that wants to grow and succeed."

Debbie Owens
President; Ace & A Heating and Air Conditioning